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Butcher & Freezer Paper

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Item#DescriptionDimensionsCase Pack
Butcher Paper Rolls-Regular Weight 
155015Butcher Paper Roll 15" White15" x 1000'1 Roll
155018Butcher Paper Roll 18" White18" x 1000'1 Roll
155024Butcher Paper Roll 24" White24" x 1000'1 Roll
155030Butcher Paper Roll 30" White30" x 1000'1 Roll
155036Butcher Paper Roll 36" White36" x 1000'1 Roll
155183Butcher Paper Long Roll 18" White18" x 1300'1 Roll
155243Butcher Paper Long Roll 24" White24" x 1300'1 Roll
155303Butcher Paper Long Roll 30" White30" x 1300'1 Roll
155363Butcher Paper Long Roll 36" White36" x 1300'1 Roll
Butcher Paper Rolls-Heavy Weight 
165015Heavy Butcher Paper15" x 1100'1 Roll
165018Heavy Butcher Paper Roll 18" White18" x 1100'1 Roll
Freezloc Natural Freezer Rolls -Regular Weight 
195018Freezer Roll Paper/Poly Reg Weight 18" Natural18" x 1100'1 Roll
195024Freezer Roll Paper/Poly Reg Weight 24" Natural24" x 1100'1 Roll
Freezloc Freezer Rolls -Regular Weight 
150018Freezer Paper Roll18" x 1100'1 Roll
145018Freezer Roll Paper/Poly Regular Weight FL18 White18" x 1100'1 Roll
145024Freezer Roll Paper/Poly Regular Weight FL24 White24" x 1100'1 Roll
Freshloc Freezer Rolls -Medium Weight 
135218Freezer Roll Paper/Poly Reg Weight FL18 “Fresh From The Sea” 18" x 1100'1 Roll
135015Freezer Roll Paper/Poly Medium Weight SF15 White15" x 1000'1 Roll
135018Freezer Roll Paper/Poly Medium Weight SF18 White18" x 1000'1 Roll
Airloc Freezer Rolls -Heavy Weight 
135118Freezer Roll Paper/Poly Reg Weight FL18 “Butcher’s Best” 18" x 1000'1 Roll
125015Freezer Roll Paper/Poly Heavy Weight AC15 White15" x 1000'1 Roll
125018Freezer Roll Paper/Poly Heavy Weight AC18 White18" x 1000'1 Roll
EcoCraft Freezer Paper Rolls 
184018EcoCraft® Freezer Roll Paper/Poly Regular Natural18" x 1000'1 Roll
184024EcoCraft® Freezer Roll Paper/Poly Regular Natural24" x 1000'1 Roll