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Insulated Sandwich Wraps and Tray Liners

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Item#DescriptionDimensionsCase Pack
EcoCraft I-Rap 
300384EcoCraft® Paper/Paper 2ply I-Rap™ Insulated Tray Liner Natural6 x 94/250
300393EcoCraft® Paper/Paper 2ply I-Rap™ Insulated Wrap Natural12 x 122000
300394EcoCraft® Paper/Paper 2ply I-Rap™ Insulated Wrap Natural15 x 161000
Dubl Shield™ Sandwich Wraps 
300846Dubl Shield® Insulated Paper Wrap White 12 x 124@500
300848EcoCraft® Dubl Shield® Insulated Paper Wrap Natural 12 x 124@500
300849EcoCraft® Dubl Shield® Insulated Paper Wrap Natural 15 x 162/500
301021Non-Fluorinated Dubl Shield® Insulated Wrap15 x 161M
Insulated Wraps 
300343Paper/Poly/Paper 3 ply Insulated Wrap White12 x 124@500
300344Paper/Poly/Paper 3 ply Insulated Wrap White14 x 162@500
Printed Insulated Wraps 
300342Paper/Poly/Paper 3 ply Insulated Tray Liner "This side down"10 x 72/500
300845Foil/Paper Honeycomb Insulated Wrap Green Check10-1/2 x 144@500
Clear Polypropylene Wrap 
300348Polypropylene Wrap w/ Moisture Barrier Clear 15 x 155M