Ecocraft® Products

Why Ecocraft® Products?

Foodservice packaging made from unbleached natural paper is more than just a sustainable look or marketing trend.  Unbleached natural paper was chosen for the EcoCraft® line due to its real impact in reducing raw material waste.  The chart below presents an overview of the significant waste reduction advantages in producing unbleached natural paper.

Natural Advantages of EcoCraft®

With our EcoCraft® brand, we were the first company to offer a full stock line of unbleached, sustainable foodservice packaging in North America. We believe sustainability is an ongoing journey of continuous improvement and evolvement. This approach propels us to constantly enhance our sustainable practices and products. This commitment to affordability and innovation has allowed BagcraftPapercon to create the most recognized brand of sustainable flexible packaging available in the industry.

We believe in the “Triple Bottom Line” approach of continuous improvement in sustainable packaging design:

*Environmental-impact estimates made using the Paper Calculator presented by Environmental Paper Network.
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